Your Reunion Committee’s Secret Weapon

When you make a member of your committee, your class will benefit from our more than two decades of high school reunion planning experience. Think of us as the ringer on your team who propels your committee from great to phenomenal.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

1. Online invitation and registration with secure payment processing. All of your reunion details will be available online. Your committee will have access to reports showing current registrations, payments collected and classmate contact information. Payments are accepted online by credit card or by mail with personal check.

2. Contract review and negotiation. Hotels and other venues love to throw things into their contract that they hope a committee will just sign and return to them. Next thing you know, you are on the hook for unsold sleeping rooms, exorbitant deposits and room rental fees, out or reach minimums and much more. Reunited has seen more than 1,200 hotel contracts and we know exactly what “gotchas” to look for. We have a professional meeting planner on staff who is also an attorney, so you are in very good hands.

3. Alumnus search. Sure, you have a ton of classmates on Facebook. But what about everyone else? Reunited works with a national database search company that will update your class roster with new addresses, cell phone numbers and email addresses.

4. Reunion announcement mailing. Again, reaching out to everyone online is great. But there are still many people in your class that need to contacted by mail. Once your search is complete, we will prepare an oversized postcard that will be mailed to all of the classmates we located in our search.

5. Photomontage. We provide your class with a photo slideshow comprised of images submitted by classmates and yearbook shots. The show is shipped to you on an iPod before the the reunion along with a cable that you can connect to a digital projector at the reunion. We also provide the packaging and postage to return the iPod afterwards.

6. Name badges. We prepare a name badge button for all pre-paid alumni and  guests. Badges are shipped to your committee about a week prior to the reunion.

7. Registration. All of your lists needed for event registration are available online for printing right up to the last minute so all of your payment info is up to date.

8. Customer service. We provide your classmates with the ability to reach us by toll-free phone, email and Internet. We will handle the day-to-day contact with your classmates who may need help with reunion information, payments, or any other question.

9. Advice and feedback about what works and what doesn’t work. Wondering if you should do two events or just one? Trying to decide what to serve or how to set up the room? We’ll give you solid, objective advise based on real-time reunion planning experience.

Plus, Reunited will help you find deejays, photographers and anything else your committee may need.

2 responses to “Your Reunion Committee’s Secret Weapon

  1. Kristen haikal

    Planning a reunion in June in Denver. Have venues picked out but need help processing payments. What are you fees for this service? Thanks!

    • Hi Kristen, Reunited’s payment processing feature is activated after we have created a reunion database for your class that includes every classmate’s senior yearbook portrait which also includes many other features that your committee can take advantage of. We will get in touch with you directly to discuss your classes’ exact needs.

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