WANTED: Type A Reunion Committee Chairs

For more than 21 years, Reunited shaped the look of high school reunions. Over the past decade, reunions have changed. Facebook has created an enormous force of change. While once a thriving niche market, the professional high school reunion planning company no longer offers reunion committees the advantages they did in the pre-social network age. It’s time for the pro planner to get out of the way and let the reunion committee take control of the planning process.

Great reunions are planned by great committees, not great companies. So, what if we put all of our tools and experience in the hands of those committees who know what their classmates want? By staying in the background, Reunited.com allows classmates to pay a lower ticket price, which leads to a higher attendance rate. By stating in the background, classmates are not confronted with what appears to be a commercial, for-profit event. Rather, we allow the unique personality of each class and its reunion leaders to step to the forefront and bring back the grass roots elements that reunions used to embody.

If you are a reunion committee member and want to keep your reunion intimate and you need a committee member who truly knows how to put together a reunion from beginning to end, take a look at Reunited.com. We offer the guidance you are looking for and the back office horsepower to keep your committee focused on the most important facet of the planning process: the personal contact with your classmates. Reaching out to those people who know you, who trust you and who look to you to represent the best interest of the class is the best path to making your reunion truly an event to remember.


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