Should you bring a guest to the reunion?

I received an email this morning from a reunion attendee who was struggling with the decision about bringing her husband to the reunion. Over the past few years, the trend has been for more alumni to attend as a solo act, rather than a couple. Obviously the economics of paying for one admission rather than two is a factor. But there are other considerations as well.

Will your guest know any of your classmates (or other classmate’s guests)? If your guest graduated from the same or a neighboring high school, there may be plenty of people there to interact with. Brothers, sisters, friends or friends, may be the perfect mini-reunion for your guest as well.

How social is your guest? Is he or she the kind of person that is comfortable in a situation where you may the only person they know in the room? If you can feel comfortable separating from your guest to spend time reconnecting with your classmates, then your guest should be okay.

Do the two of you stick next to each other at other events and socialize as a two-person unit? If so, there should be no question about your guest’s attendance.

Is your guest a natural networker? Reunions provide great opportunities to make new business contacts. Set your guest free in the crowd and suggest they go collect biz cards.

Do you need a babysitter? Leave your guest with the kids.

Do you need a night out by yourself? Leave your guest at home and prepare to party with all of your old friends without an appendage.

Do you like to dance? Reunions are typically great dance parties paying homage to all of the great music from back in the day plus today’s hot dance music. Does your guest dance? Are you comfortable dancing with a bunch of friends in a group?

Is your old flame going to be at the reunion? If so, you may want to have a guest with you for balance. Then again, you may not.

Is there a hidden part of your high school persona that may make an appearance at the reunion? Don’t turn the reunion into the Jerry Springer show. Leave your guest at home.

Will you require a designated driver? Bring your guest and get a room at the hotel.

Have any suggestions or your own? Comment below…


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